• Bob Fine has shown the ability and the willingness to take bold action needed to make government more responsive and more fiscally responsible. As President of the Park Board, Bob put together a deal to acquire land on the north side riverfront that had an existing building ideal for its headquarters. After 120 years of having to move around its offices, the MPRB finally had a place to call home. This not only allowed them to establish equity rather than face a future of approximately half of a million dollars per year in lease payments, it also made them more accessible to the public and better able to serve the residents of the city.
  • Bob's background as a successful real estate lawyer, manager, and developer has enabled him to take action on his forward-thinking plans to improve the city. He led the Park Board to a purchase of more than eleven acres of property on the Mississippi. This river land, the site of a former lumberyard, is in the process of being converted into a signature riverfront park for the northeast area. It will be an essential component and connector amongst a growing number of parks and trails along the river, and is part of his vision to dramatically reshape the mostly industrial corridor north of downtown into recreational green space.
  • Bob has collaborated with numerous organizations and institutions, such as the Metropolitan Airports Commission, in the best interests of the city. When the airport proposed purchasing eight acres of park property, he engineered a land swap deal with MAC instead so that the Park Board would receive a large swath of airport-owned land south of Lake Nokomis that had been fenced off from the residential areas around it. The result was the creation of a 40-acre park filled with open fields, wetlands, and hilly wooded areas. It was named for a much-loved park commissioner who had served with Bob, the late Edward C. Solomon.
  • Bob has been the biggest defender of keeping the Park Board independent because he knows how essential our public spaces are to our quality of life, and he also has found ways to make our park system even stronger by finding outside revenue sources and by partnering with private interests. The Sea Salt Eatery is just one example of a public-private collaboration he has pushed for to allow a private enterprise to be part of a solution. Operating at the Minnehaha Park refectory site, which used to lose money, this hugely popular restaurant contributed nearly a quarter of a million dollars to the park system last year alone.
  • Bob not only originated the idea behind the creation of a sports complex at Fort Snelling, but also pushed the project to completion through numerous hurdles. A premier facility with eight soccer fields, five baseball/softball fields, an indoor/outdoor tennis center, and more, it was named for Bob's coaching mentor, the late MPRB Commissioner Leonard H. Neiman. Although this facility is Bob's crowning achievement in recreation, his true legacy is in the thousands of volunteer hours he has put into our parks, working with youth and ensuring they have opportunities to have fun, learn, and grow through their recreational experiences.

My name is Bob Fine and I’m looking forward to serving you as the next mayor of Minneapolis. I’ve never been a full-time politician nor am I interested in advancing a political career. I’m running for mayor simply because I believe that I have the best combination of skills to move our city forward, and I know I can work together with the citizens of Minneapolis to achieve great things. This campaign is a grassroots effort supported by the many individuals and families who I’ve formed relationships with throughout my decades of volunteer work and public service. In this election, I have not sought help through special interests, but instead have spent time going door-to-door in order to learn more about the concerns and hopes of residents in all parts of the city.

I have spent my entire life here and have served the city in many capacities, both elected and appointed. This includes, most notably, the Park Board, Civil Rights Commission, Zoning Board, and Board of Estimate and Taxation. My strong and competent leadership in public service, as well as my expertise in areas including law and real estate, are the reasons why voters have elected me into office for the last four consecutive city elections. I’m also the only mayoral candidate in this election who has been elected to citywide office.

Having had the privilege of serving as Minneapolis Park Commissioner for the last 16 years, I have played a major role in shaping and expanding our great park system, which was recently named the best in the country. The Park Board has consistently authorized substantially smaller tax increases than the city, and for the third time, I have proposed no tax increase for the upcoming year. Think about that: We have the top urban park system in the nation and we’ve done it by increasing operating efficiencies and non-tax revenue sources instead of your taxes! Even in tight financial times, I was able to help find ways to balance budgets and still protect our community assets.

We already provide the best park system and now we need to make our city more attractive for businesses, jobs, and residents. Just as I have helped our park system to grow and thrive, I will help Minneapolis become more vibrant, safe, and a place where businesses, both small and large, can flourish. I could have taken the easier route and tried to get re-elected for my Park Board seat after I was endorsed for it by the DFL in June. However, I decided that the issues our city is facing right now are too important and I want to be part of the solution. We need a proven leader with results who can ensure that our whole city and its citizens will prosper. That’s why I’m putting all of my energy towards becoming the next Mayor of Minneapolis. I hope you will support my candidacy and will vote Fine for Mayor on November 5th! Thank you.

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Bob’s commitment to helping our children become
better citizens has been demonstrated by the countless
number of youngsters to whom he has taught the values
of perseverance, dedication, and a team-first approach
over four decades of continuous volunteer coaching.