Some of the key challenges that face us right now include finding ways to invest in the north side of the city, seeing that the city gets the best possible benefit from the ongoing development around the new football stadium, and ensuring downtown is the centerpiece of the metropolitan area. With my background practicing law and my many years in the business of real estate development and management, I am more than equipped to handle these challenges. My experiences in public office have also helped me to understand how urgently we need to focus on other factors that affect our quality of life:

INVEST IN OUR YOUTH because they’re the future of our city. We must provide our children with high quality educational opportunities.
In addition to having served on the youth coordinating board as a member of its executive council, I’ve coached more than a thousand kids in team sports as a volunteer. As Mayor, I will work closely with our Park and School Boards to assist them in providing innovative opportunities that will keep our youth safe, active, and engaged. Kids in every neighborhood deserve excellent schools and teachers in order to close the devastating achievement gap that exists in the Twin Cities. Learn more about my views on education here.

IMPROVE THE BUSINESS CLIMATE in our city by treating businesses like customers while encouraging greater development in high unemployment areas.
In order to be successful in recruiting more business to Minneapolis, with the goal of increasing the number of job opportunities for residents, we must make it easier to start and grow businesses. Encouraging creativity and innovation will also help to grow our economy. As mayor, I will closely examine all the regulations currently in place and get rid of burdensome steps and hurdles entrepreneurs face. We must focus on living wages and offering jobs to people in the communities in which they live. Learn more about my views on economic development here.

STREAMLINE GOVERNMENT SERVICES in order to make our city more affordable and responsive to the needs of all residents.
Minneapolis must be an attractive place for people to live, and not more expensive than our neighbors around us. As Mayor, I will work to reduce property taxes by 5% while still strengthening our infrastructure including roads, sewers, and bridges, and providing better essential services. Learn more about my views on property taxes here.

IMPROVE OUR TRANSPORTATION SYSTEM to ensure that people can have access to reliable and safe transit options.
As mayor, I’ll work to decrease our dependence on cars, which means improving our public and multimodal transit options. I’ll focus on increasing connectivity and accessibility by building effective and improving existing LRT, bus, and bike infrastructure. Learn more about my views on transportation here.

PRESERVE OUR CITY’S NATIONALLY RENOWNED PARK SYSTEM so that people living in all areas of Minneapolis have access to places to play and enjoy nature.
It is vital that we protect our waters and urban forests because no matter where you live in Minneapolis, it is important to have access to nature, green space, and recreation opportunities. I have personally negotiated land transactions to purchase park land on the river. As Mayor, I will continue to support expanding our great park system along the north Mississippi corridor.

I will listen to your concerns and suggestions so that together we can get our city on track to providing citizens with a more prosperous and vibrant place to live. Please share any of your thoughts with me so that I can be better informed about your priorities and concerns.


Bob meets with supporters at an Eat Street restaurant